Invicta Men’s 27137 DC Comics Automatic 3 Hand Blue Dial Watch


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The ultimate representation of ?girl power,? Wonder Woman?s presence has been gracing the DC Comics scene since1941. From the all-female island nation of Themyscira, her official title is: Princess Diana of Themyscira. When inhabiting earth- the world of men- she is known as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. A symbol for love, truth, equality and power, of the several epithets given to her, she is most associated with the ?Spirit of Truth.? Fierce and nurturing, this founding member of the Justice League has profound mental abilities, and among her many skills; she is an expert in martial arts, armed and unarmed combat, her bracelets stop bullets and her golden lasso of absolute truth gains knowledge from enemies. A consummate warrior, the DC icon now faces Invicta time, transforming the concept of hero into heroine.





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